Spillere strømmer til!

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Spillere strømmer til!

Da er brett og brikker på plass og spillere strømmer til Quality Hotell i Kristiansand. Vi er spente er i arrangementkomiteen og vi gleder oss til tidenes beste NM for Ungdom i sjakk. Vi legger daglig ut oppdateringer fra arrangementet og ser frem til turneringen!

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  1. Wonia

    “they are only imitating the musilms, how can that be condemned?”I do condemn it. All people who believe in the dignity and value of the individual as opposed to the collective should pause before embracing any part of the murderous totalitarianisms that seek to destroy the singular advance which historically produced all the advantages enjoyed by the peoples of Europe. The idea that human potential is judged by the individual and not by the group is not just a platitude, nor even just a core ideal of justice. It is the fulcrum on which all the advances made by the West were leveraged.Holding individuals accountable for their own actions without regard to their membership in any larger group is the kernel of every mechanism which is used to actually improve society. Is it often difficult to identify and appropriately reward individual actors rather than deliver incentives to a collective entity? Unquestionably. But the extraordinary difference in effect between collective and individual accountability is difficult to overstate. Not only is giving a reward to a collective entity far less effective than rewarding individuals, often the overall effect is contrary to that intended.Thus, while it is inevitable that there will be a racial dimension to the coming conflict, it is unbecoming for those who espouse individualism and justice to in any way imitate those who seek to impose socialist control.I suspect that most of the extremist groups being labeled “racist” are not guilty of the charge in any degree other than being composed of individuals that have a normal human instinct to recognize genetic kinship (and are genetically closer kin of the ‘indigenous’ population of Europe than of more equatorial human populations). There is no sin in having an instinct, regardless of whether anyone thinks the instinct itself ‘bad’ (which I do not).But I also know that there is, in the current climate that pervasively champions genetic collectivism, some danger that those who seek to opposed the genocidal assault on the peoples of Europe will make a fundamental mistake.The white races are not the target of this because of their genetic heritage, but because of an intellectual heritage that has propelled their culture into world dominance. And while there is nothing wrong with seeking to defend the genetic heritage of Europe against genocide, it is the intellectual heritage that must be defended at all costs.The idea that individuals are free to make their own choices, and then be personally responsible for the consequences of those choices, is the foundation of all that Western Civilization has achieved in distinguishing itself from the sad mire of group identity politics that sums up all the rest of human history (with rare and all too brief exceptions).Lose that, whether to Marxist or racist ideologies of collectivism, and you lose everything.Chiu Chun-Ling.

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